REIV preffered partner

If Gas heaters and appliances go untested, deadly Carbon Monoxide leaks can cause significant harm to residents, in some cases, death. To protect both the tenant and the property, the REIV recommends testing of gas appliances every two years.

To achieve this, the REIV has partnered with Smarthouse as their preferred supplier to help landlords meet the safety requirements through the use of a reputable Carbon Monoxide testing service provider.

Why Smarthouse is Victoria’s most trusted Carbon Monoxide Testing Service:

  • A larger team equals all of Victoria covered – Our team of Carbon Monoxide testers is the largest in Victoria, with hundreds of residences serviced everyday. That means nothing is out of reach.
  • 100% Safety Guarantee – Smarthouse is known for our compliance expertise and reliability. Our team consists of credible, licensed gas plumbers who are fully trained in carbon monoxide testing and gas appliance maintenance, with an extensive report provided at the conclusion of each service.
  • State of the art safety equipment – We ensure 100% of Smarthouse plumbers are equipped with the latest technology and equipment available. We only accept the best.
  • Understanding Agent needs – With over 50 years of combined property management experience, we understand that speed of delivery, efficiency and minimal impact on your time are all key factors in delivering a good service. Easy bookings, progress reports, simple invoicing and end-to-end management.
  • Flexible appointments – A commitment to minimal impact on tenants by offering multiple times for convenience.

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Smarthouse Risk Management
When only the best will do

As the experts in risk management and high volume gas heater maintenance, Smarthouse knows that tailored and specialised solutions are required to meet individual needs. Covering both investment and owner-occupied properties, Smarthouse licensed gas plumbers use industry leading equipment and knowledge to protect landlords, agencies, properties and most importantly lives, against the dangers of carbon monoxide.

For Agents, Smarthouse ensures every property you manage meets all obligations and requirements for carbon monoxide testing, to ensure peace of mind for you, the landlord and the resident..